Das NOVEDAS-Leitbild: Mit einem starken Team für Ihren Erfolg

Our guiding principles

We are hands-on consultants.
Our clients recommend us.
Outstanding people like to work with us.
We are hands-on consultants.

NOVEDAS is a German IT management consultancy. We provide excellent consulting services to our clients

  • complex / large projects (domestic & international),
  • optimization of existing processes and organizations,
  • strategic re-focussing and
  • implementation of change  (transformation) projects.


Our consulting approach is based on focus, independence, inspiration, pragmatism and quality.

Our clients recommend us.

We aim for a trust-based relationship with management and staff of our clients: Act together. Move things forward – together. Understand each other. Go one step further than the average. This particular kind of relationship allows us to speak openly about challenges and approaches with our clients, to critically question them, as well as to disagree with them if needed. We do all this to achieve better results. Our aim is truly to advise – not just deliver.

We strive to achieve lasting success for our clients.

Our motivation always is to move or change something. After all, we spend a significant part of our lives developing our client’s businesses. That’s why everyone in the NOVEDAS team is an authentic personality. Because we think, only personalities find real acceptance in business – not just suits.

Outstanding people like to work with us.

The basis for our success is our team:

We design and develop our company with our team

We create transparency and motivate entrepreneurship of everyone

We act responsibly as a representative of the entire company

We support each other in achieving our personal goals.