Our consulting services are based on the success of each consultant and her/his respective experience in the appropriate environment. At the same time, we are applying the NOVEDAS-PRINCIPLE to all our projects. These individual cornerstones represent the pillars of our successful consulting approach. These qualitative aspects ensure that we can not only guarantee short-term improvement but long-term success.

Independence Inspiration Quality Pragmatism Focus


Models, procedures, established processes – in most cases these are the causes of the challenges of our clients. For this reason, we also allow ourselves to take a look at things from the bird's eye perspective. Only by this, we are able to present solutions that are typical for NOVEDAS: strikingly different and guaranteed successful - in terms of economy and organization.


Consulting never begins and never ends for the NOVEDAS team. Every project, every experience we make is an enrichment for future projects of every member of the team. We collect knowledge in various areas of our lives. Sharing this knowledge will lead to unconventional and effective solutions in,various client contexts. For this reason, we ensure regular meetings of our team to motivate mutual inspiration.


The fundamental cornerstone of our work is quality. Of course, quality is a must. However, as our consultants become an integral part of our client’s project team and chaperone it until the implementation is completed, our clients can rest assured: A NOVEDAS consultant has strong interest in the outstanding quality of the results. After all, this is how our consultants are motivated in their daily work: getting things done in an exceptional way.


The NOVEDAS team consists of consultants "with dirt under the fingernails". When traditional approaches fail and no improvement can be achieved with standard solutions, we only start to get going. We tackle the problems where they really arise. This is ensured by our senior management consultants right on our clients' premises.


Puffed up projects with various stakeholders, with no one really being responsible at all do not lead to positive results. Neither will complex, hierarchy-driven decision-making processes. NOVEDAS consultants will not be irritated by these factors. We always focus on the real task and work hard to identify the underlying problems. We solve them in a pragmatic way to ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders.