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Under the umbrella of the NOVEDAS brand, NOVEDAS Consulting combines organizational development and IT project management on the one hand and NOVEDAS Software & Systems with a focus on software and system development and maintenance on the other.

Since 1998, management consultancy has meant for us to think pragmatically and systemically – and not to proceed according to a certain scheme without matching our customer’s requirements. A unique mix of consultants with a high proportion of senior consultants guarantees our clients the perfect mix of experience and innovative solutions. Learn more about our two focal points here.

NOVEDAS Consulting – Ihre Management-Berater und IT-Projekt-Manager

NOVEDAS Consulting offers you comprehensive consulting services for your organization. In addition to classic organizational consulting, this includes operations optimization, management consulting, program and project management, IT sourcing, IT operations optimization, IT security, provider management and the design and implementation of complex digitization projects. In doing so, we pursue a systemic consulting approach in which we not only take into account the business objective, but also place people in contact with the company in the foreground.

People who make a difference. NOVEDAS Software & Systems complements the portfolio with system design and software development.

Specializing in IT development and maintenance, our focus is on the areas of logistics and tourism. NOVEDAS Software & Systems maintains long-term and cooperative relationships with its customers. Our target groups are medium-sized companies in the fields of tourism and logistics. NOVEDAS Software & Systems is culturally influenced by Scandinavian customer relationships. We work with permanent employees as well as with specialized freelance partners, with whom we have long-term relationships.

Quality leads to the goal. With the long experience of our employees we are cooperating in partnership with our customers and provide a comprehensive skill profile which includes the common IT technologies of the last 20 years.

Strong partnerships. In close cooperation, we accept the development for the renewal of existing legacy systems, and the expansion and development of interfaces to external systems under assumption of full responsibility for the project.

Back to the Future

  • Expanding existing COBOL / RPG systems with OO-Components
  • Transferring these systems into the OO-world
  • Developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) while conserving existing business logic